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About Us

Medilik is a medical consultation agency adopting a comprehensive approach to medical services including medicine, surgery, dentistry, aesthetics and paramedical services.

Medilik aims to closely work with health tourists and expats on every step of the way towards receiving the highest standards of healthcare.


A broad medical services in carefully chosen centers and with highly skilled doctors.

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Our aim is to provide our precious customers with a stress-free experience from the minute they decide to come to Turkey and until they have received the best treatment and are ready to go back home with a new spirit.

We exclusively deal with doctors and medical centers that we highly trust and who fulfill our strenuous criteria.

The journey starts with one medical consultation where the case is carefully examined, and the necessary medical records are gathered. In addition, a primary diagnosis is made along with a meticulously detailed medical Plan.

A complementary plan covers all logistics needed prior, during and after the treatment, including tickets, accommodations, transportation, translations, and tourism.